Guild list:

Details Name Faction Base of operation Guildtype External link Contact Recruiting
Crimson Cartel Alliance Kul Tiras Boralus/Stormsong Criminal organisation Josalyn Dawn No
Curious Commerce Unaligned Dalaran Merchant and Exploration Diranae, Kyèèn Yes
House Greben Alliance Duskwood / Gilneas Noble House Caprice Milique - Popithka#6701 Yes
Proudmoore Admiralty Alliance Proudmoore Barracks Law enforcement / Legal / Marines Coalbay, Stormt, Worthings Yes
Redwood Ltd. Alliance Redwood Tobacco (Skully's Catch Of The Day) Business, Criminal Kragen Murdoch (Greènie) Yes
Special Services Bureau Alliance Stormwind based, global coverage. Military Nazareths Yes
The Amber Foundation Alliance Stormwind, Redridge Charity Guenh No
The Blackcoated Alliance Mage District, Stormwind City Mercenary Thayér, Equester, Inveigler, Wíndstalker Yes
The Blue Recluse Alliance The Blue Recluse Tavern roleplay, slice-of-life Guenh, Cassieleigh Yes
The Crestfallen Alliance Eastern Kingdoms Mercenary Hemomancy - Melthorpe - Pacay Yes
The Enchanted Rose Unaligned Dalaran/Stormwind Merchant/Entertainment Ismen or Gordzog#8599 Yes
The Hummingbird Emorium Alliance Stormwind, Boralus Merchant Kialandì, Coldblossom, Antóinétte Yes
The Thirsty Dove Alliance The Golden Keg Bar & Catering Ardella (Ella Brent), Tafton Mek, Gale Brent Yes
Wolf and Lamb Alliance Dalaran Merchant/ Adventure Develey Dawnshine (IC name), Develey (OOC name) Yes