Guild list:

Details Name Faction Base of operation Guildtype External link Contact Recruiting
Crimson Cartel Alliance Kul Tiras Boralus/Stormsong Criminal organisation Josalyn Dawn No
Excursion league Alliance Stormwind, Limited Immunity Capitalistic Adventurers Modian & Annikah Yes
Forgotten Finery Alliance Stormwind Merchant Abbysinth or Genevere Yes
House Dayton Alliance Lakeshire Fortune Hunting, Adventure, House Evérlin, Biocookie, No
Ironfist Consortium Alliance Kul Tiras / Dalaran Business Liberious or Emïlÿ No
Kirin Tor Intelligence Unaligned Dalaran Intelligence Auriane-V#2839 Yes
Lore and Order Alliance Stormshield (OOC) Research, Expedition, Mercenary. Alehandra, Scootaloo, Herst. Yes
Project Cypher Alliance Stormwind City, Azeroth Intelligence Revanyr Yes
Proudmoore Admiralty Alliance Proudmoore Barracks Law enforcement / Legal / Marines / Navy Brineburn, Worthings, Taloras Yes
Redwood Ltd. Alliance Redwood Tobacco (Skully's Catch Of The Day) Business, Criminal Kragen Murdoch (Greènie) Yes
Second Thallasian Striders Alliance Dalaran or Farstrider Lodge. (ooc Elwyn and garrison) Private Military Vanishtip/discord fatwarase#8398 Yes
Special Services Bureau Alliance Stormwind based, global coverage. Military Nazareths Yes
The Amber Foundation Alliance Stormwind, Redridge Charity Guenh No
The Ashen Division Horde Often found in Orgrimmar. Warband, Mercenary. Felentríck , Kheweh , Nkiruka Yes
The Auric Brotherhood Unaligned Azeroth Chivalric Order Alenthanis | Tristion Yes
The Blackcoated Alliance Mage District, Stormwind City Mercenary Thayér, Equester, Inveigler, Wíndstalker Yes
The Blackrose Union Unaligned Stormwind. Merchant - Adventure - Catering. Dragoelf Yes
The Blue Recluse Alliance The Blue Recluse Tavern roleplay, slice-of-life Guenh, Cassieleigh Yes
The Church of Holy Light Alliance The Cathedral of Stormwind Church Forumalt Oakton Apolloset Bernandus Yes
The Enchanted Rose Unaligned Dalaran/Stormwind Merchant/Entertainment Ismen or Gordzog#8599 Yes
The Hummingbird Emorium Alliance Stormwind, Boralus Merchant Kialandì, Coldblossom, Antóinétte Yes
The Hummingbird Emporium Alliance Stormwind City, Mage quarters,Larsons Clothier Merchant and Crafters Coldblossom,Kialandi No
The Lion's Roar Unaligned Hardhy Yes
The Lionblade Alliance Stormwind Alliance army special operation unit Vebjorg Yes
The Rosewood Tavern Alliance Boralus Bar, restaurant, mercenary Syrïna & Lîssie Yes
The Royal Respite Horde Silvermoon City Restaurant/tavern Lydaela Yes
The Stray Dogs Alliance Storwind untill the story picks up. We do it all Màrius, Leiarah, Xheram Yes
The Wayward Anchor Alliance Boralus Pirate hunters/privateers Longdyke, Arcani, Joshua Yes
Verdant Coven Unaligned Verdant Sanctum, southern Val'sharah Naturalists, explorers, witchcraft/druidism based, mercenary Abç (applepie#6868) Yes
Wolf and Lamb Alliance Dalaran Merchant/ Adventure Develey Dawnshine (IC name), Develey (OOC name) Yes